Monday, January 10, 2005

speaking of wankery... is TWO the quorum for a CIRCLE-jerk? damned if surowiecki and gladwell ain't tryin anyway@#$ seriously, though, the two authors are debating various points in their recent books, ""the wisdom of crowds" and "blink", this week. you may remember them as being the recipients of much s&r LUV in the past, so this is definitely worth checking out@#$ it even invokes VAN RIPER:

The war game that I write about, which was the most expensive and most elaborate war game ever conducted in history ($500 million dollars!), was a preview of the Iraq War. One side played the United States. Van Riper, essentially, played Saddam Hussein. And van Riper won, hands down, sinking half the U.S. Navy on the second day of the war. How did that happen? Because at the moment he attacked the U.S. Forces, they were so caught up in their computers and charts and systems analysis and complex matrixes that they had lost the ability to engage in the flexible, free-wheeling, instinctive thinking that is essential in the midst of battle. As you know, I spend a great deal of time in Blink describing what precisely characterizes this "free-wheeling, instinctive" kind of thinking and how our commitment to the Standard Model undermines it.


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