Sunday, November 07, 2004

now that i've seen it, the pre-incredibles BLOG moratorium can now end. thus, i give you an interview the onion a.v. club did with brad bird, its director. here's some LUV for my fellow shrek-hatahs:
O: Current American animated features tend to throw in a lot of lowest-common-denominator gags aimed at young kids: fart jokes and body-humor jokes. Your sense of humor seems more wholesome than that. Is there a philosophy there?

BB: Well, I'm just trying to make the kind of movie that I'd want to see. That's probably the simplest answer. But I worked on eight seasons of The Simpsons, and we certainly had our lowbrow jokes. But we'd follow it right afterwards with a joke about Susan Sontag. Any time you think you're making a film for them, not you, that's a dangerous direction to head, because there's something patronizing about it.

Any time you think you can press a certain button and get a laugh, you're probably not pushing yourself. It's like when you go to a comedy club, and the less experienced comics get up and start pulling out the lewd jokes. It's like, "Yeah, you can get a laugh, but you're not gonna make history with that." Then you get the great guys, the guys we're still listening to. Have you ever heard a Nichols & May routine? I mean, that stuff is as contemporary as ever, and it's, what, 40 years old? My jaw still drops at how cool Nichols & May are. I think that's what I would like, to do something that's cool a hundred years from now.


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