Friday, November 05, 2004

itms goes hip-hop friendly. apple's going to offer a new hip-hop mixtape every month on the itunes music store; this month's is free (don't know if the forthcoming ones will be). one's own artistic impressions of hip-hop aside, i find it pretty fuck'n... fascinating on several levels:

- it's built on novel uses of intellectual property; NATCH, the entrenched PLAYAs ain't too happy about that, but the creative and commercial potential has fueled debate
- as evidenced by the mixtape phenomenon, hip-hop is fostering alternate distribution paths, and apple seems to recognize this

on a related note, here's what dj danger mouse said about these issues last month:
For some reason we [artists] think we should be millionaires for making people smile. But I don't worry too much, because it will be over soon. There won't be a market for making people smile because kids will just do it for free.


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