Sunday, November 14, 2004

insider trading goin DOWN in the senate? senators' stock picks are outperforming the market by 12%:
Alan Ziobrowski, one of the study's authors says "there is cheating going on, at a 99 percent level of confidence."
very "of the people", eh?@#

Light says: While it's tempting to jump to that conclusion, and I wouldn't be surprised if that is ind33d the final conclusion, I'll hold off on the judgement. Correlation != causation, and I'm also surprised Alan Z. made that comment - he should know this as well. Having said that, maybe the study documents actual suspicious trading activity by Senators, rather than coming to the conclusion that it's very unlikely ( a 99% confidence, perhaps?) the 12% difference could have happened randomly.

v-twin SEZ: um, yeah. not sure j00 need to refresh the world on HUME 101@#. nevertheless, i think you're overl00king the real reason to RAGE here: when presented with the study, the SEC refused to investigate. they cited the same thing j00 did--the lack of evidence about specific trades--but the whole point of an investigation would be to find out whether that evidence exists or not, since they could gain access to it and we (and the authors of the study) cannot.


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