Friday, November 05, 2004

the decline of brands. james surowiecki, that fuck'n HERETIC, suggests that the value of branding is being eroded by the increasing ability of consumers to spot product quality:
Consumers have become far more willing to experiment with products, because the amount of information out there makes taking a chance far less risky. By the time you think about buying that digital altimeter barometer, chances are the bleeding edge has already weighed in at Epinions. This gives nascent brands an opportunity to succeed, but it also makes staying power a lot harder to come by. Welcome to the What Have You Done for Me Lately? economy.
so, what's the takeaway message for your favorite brand and mine?@#$ are people buying the ipod because it hit the mp3 player industry's first sweet spot in functionality, build quality and user interface? or do they want their friends to see the WHITE EARBUDs? the reality is, i doubt we'll find out until the guts of the ipod become commoditized; right now, it ain't worth losing STYLE to save $50 on a $300 mp3 player.


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