Sunday, October 17, 2004

Times investigation reveals widespread abuse at Guantanamo Bay - Workers, guards, and intelligence agents at Gitmo spoke about a variety of harsh interrogation techniquese being used widely, in contrast to claims by the government that there were only isolated uses of them. This includes procedures where prisoners were stripped, shackled, exposed to ear-splitting music, extreme cold, and flashing lights for up to 14 hours at a time:
"It fried them,'' the official said, who said that anger over the treatment the prisoners endured was the reason for speaking with a reporter. Another person familiar with the procedure who was contacted by The Times said: "They were very wobbly. They came back to their cells and were just completely out of it.''
So hawt!

Let us keep in mind that almost three months after the historic Supreme court ruling which mandated hearings for Gitmo detainees to challenge their status as "enemy combatants," the government has dragged their feet to the point where none of those who requested hearings have gotten their day in court (Source):
Less than half the detainees with lawyers have been given the government's reason for holding them; the government has broken a court-ordered Sept. 30 deadline to justify most of those detentions..
"The government says it's very complicated, they need security clearance issues worked out, et cetera, et cetera," said Don Rehkopf, a military law expert with the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the attorney who helped get espionage charges against a serviceman at Guantanamo Bay dismissed. "That's garbage. The government is coming up with more and more excuses, and changing the rules on a daily basis."
Incidentally, the source's also worth a whirl ;).


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