Friday, October 22, 2004

Sinclair Broadcasting Group: rOxxOred but unbowed:

Special on Vietnam POWs to air tonight (has excerpts from Stolen Honor) - That's their press release where the CEO whines about free speech being suppressed. Considering this is the same company that blocked an ABC Nightline special honoring the war dead, that whine sounds a bit hollow.

In the meanwhile...:

1) Sinclair sued for copyright violation - for taking images without permission from George Butler (Going Upriver), a longtime Kerry chronicler.

2) Lawsuit filed against Sinclair executives for insider trading - By a lawyer with ties to the Democratic party - he claimsthe timing was coincidental, of course.

3) FCC warns Sinclair on film - Warns of consequences if program violates regulations (As it cannot actually prevent SBGI from transmitting the piece).

4) Consumers Union gets in on the matter - Holds poll showing almost 80% want Sinclair to give Kerry equal airtime.

5) Sinclair stock holds steady at $7.15


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