Saturday, October 02, 2004

Op-Ed: The President has 'Ovalitis' - A condition from sitting around in the Oval Office where you stop hearing what you don't want to hear. The author argues this is to blame for his poor performance in the First Presidential Debate. It's a pretty hawt read, with stuff like this:
Thursday night visibly shocked Bush. He was shocked by what Kerry was saying, particularly about the poisoned chaos that is Iraq. Why, the Democrat even raised questions about Ayad Allawi, the Iraqi tough guy Bush picked as prime minister -- and seemed on the verge of comparing to Winston Churchill. How could Kerry say such things about such a man? How could Kerry say things are going badly in Iraq? No one told the president that, or he didn't hear it. Why, that could demoralize our troops -- as if those soldiers in harm's way did not know what was going on long before Kerry spoke out.


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