Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Missing nuclear material in Iraq, the saga so far:

(1) Nuclear material has "vanished" from Iraq's chaos - Reports the IAEA, which used to keep a close eye on the stuff for a long time. Until the US invasion, when they were forced out, and following it, when their repeated offers to go back in to make sure the material was secured was ignored by the US (and then the US-backed Iraqi government).

(2) Iraqi Govt. says nuclear material is secure, but:
Interim Technology Minister Rashid Omar said equipment was taken by looters soon after the US-led invasion.

But since then, he told the BBC, Iraq's nuclear facilities had been secured.
Does "equipment" include "500 tons of yellowcake Uranium"? Oop!@#

(3) Iraq: Now that we've proverbially screwed the pooch, the IAEA ain't so bad after all? - Errrr...OK!@$ -

How does this work with Bush's implicit claim that being decisive is more important than being correct? I'm not convinced we can have mistakes of this magnitude. Is this (yet another) screwup we write off as a bump in the road?


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