Saturday, October 16, 2004

Michael Winterbottom's 9 Songs passes British censor board uncut - Huzzah! In an earlier article on 9 songs and Winterbottom, the director (24-Hour Party People) described why the film's exceptionally explicit scenes were necessary for the film.

Newmarket's got distribution rights for the film, and should be coming at some point.

Light adds: In the meanwhile, the female lead, Margot Stilley, an American student in the UK, has been caught off-guard with the rapidly growing interest in her. She had requested her name be kept off the credits, but it was revealed at Cannes. The consequences are described in a rather amusing article on this matter as she spoke out:
...On Tuesday, tabloid headlines gleefully announced the arrival of the "Muckiest Film Ever" and the "Rudest Film Ever to Hit Our Cinemas". By yesterday Fleet Street's finest had caught up with friends and family in Margo Stilley's native North Carolina. "Mother of Beauty in 'Real Sex' Film Shocker Prays For Her ... Oh God! Oh God!" trumpeted the Daily Express, on startlingly baroque form. "My Prayers For 'Porn' Daughter" and "Bible Belt Mum's Fear For Her Sex Movie Daughter", were the contributions from the Daily Mirror.

Stilley is plainly shocked by her first encounter with Her Majesty's press. "My mother has even had to call up the school where my little brothers go to ask them not to let people into the school to talk to them. There are guerrilla photographers following my family around. I have managed to get myself into a mess."
The article's worth a read just to see what happens when the (real) hardcore paparazzi collide with gentle ol' Americans. :>

In so far as whether Ms. Stilley has a future in the moving picture business? Maybe - she's already been signed on for Mr. Winterbottom's next film - whether this translates to a career of consequence or not remains to be seen.


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