Friday, October 15, 2004

Jon Stewart of 'The Daily Show' rips 'Crossfire' a new one - He was invited onto the show to explain what he really thinks about Tucker and Lou, and he did. Totally pWning the two hosts while they're at it. This guy's speaking powers are quite AWEsome - he had Bill O'Reilly talking about puppets voting Republican in Florida, and since he was invited to let loose about 'Crossfire', Stewart explained that he thought their show was hurting the country.
Paul Begala tried to put a more conciliatory face on things by pointing out that theirs was a "debate" show. Stewart was having none of it. "I would love to see a real debate show," he said. And went on to tell them that instead of holding politicians' feet to the fire by asking tough question, "you're part of their strategy. You're partisan -- what's the word? -- uh, hacks."
That's only one of many gems, but one that I found to be particularly LUV-inducing. Torrent links are up here and here, but I expect them to expire in a week. iFilm stream's up here. Come get 'em while they're hawt hawt hawt!@

(Much thanks to BB)

PS. There's a reason why I didn't link to the transcript - because the video is really worth it without the transcript to ruin the moments for jOO. Watch it :>>


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