Sunday, October 31, 2004

Croatian pop star wants home sex video shown in court - Yes, that's right - I did a double take on this one, anyway, instead of immediately hitting google in a frenzy. However, the star, Severina Vuckovic, apparently wants the video to be shown to prove whether or not a website broadcasting it was violating her copyright:
In a separate motion, the defendants also asked that a court-appointed sex expert see the video to determine if Vuckovic had "demonstrated anything not previously seen in the porn industry", which could qualify for copyright, Hina said.

"I do not think she has shown any new sexual art," the portal's owner, Matija Babic, told the agency.

The stills and whole 11-minute video clip quickly became the hottest Internet item in the former Yugoslav republic, where Vuckovic is a sex symbol but has often projected a modest and religious image.
- Ah, the silliness continues of trying to shut down the inter-web. Would life be better if celebrities just kept their private smut collections to themselves, and we wouldn't have to go through this? Certainly not for Ms. Vukovic's new fans, but maybe for the rest of us.


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