Thursday, October 14, 2004

Cheney referred to daughter's sexuality during campaign - So, in other words, I'm going to trumpet my family, but when my opponent thanks me for loving my family, he's taking advantage of me. Why do I not buy this "playing victim" game?

Light adds: But nevertheless, the spin succeeds: Poll shows 60%+ disapprove of Kerry's reference to Mary Cheney - We'll see how much this hurts Kerry for the election. One can hope that people will step back and note that Kerry kicked ass and took names in the three debates as a whole instead of fixating on Mary Cheney. Pardon me for sounding cynical and pretentious, but over the course of this campaign, I've already seen people fixate on how Kerry pretended to put his life on the line by getting shot and receive shrapnel wounds while failing to step back and notice that Kerry went to Vietnam; Bush didn't. I've seen people fixate on how Kerry flip-flops, while failing to step back and notice how Bush flip-flops as well, etc.


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