Thursday, September 23, 2004

A well-written editorial on how Kerry needs to stop the BS - The author is of the opinion that the assorted crap by well-meaning parties on the airwaves is drowning out the New Kerry. I couldn't agree more. Just as an example of how keen this author's ears are:

The Democrats' dogged pursuit of the National Guard story through all this is perhaps an understandable desire for political payback. But it is also a fundamental misunderstanding of the voters. The Swift Boat Vets story got legs because it addressed Kerry's primary claim for what kind of wartime leader he would be (i.e., a good one because he was a good soldier in Vietnam). Contrary to the efforts to make it a parallel issue, the National Guard story is irrelevant to most people because they already know — for better or worse — exactly what kind of wartime leader Bush is.

Still, despite Bush's widening margins, this election will hinge on the ability to turn out the bases. Judging by Kerry's recent tough rhetoric and even the conversion of John Edwards into a rabid golden retriever, the debates may provide Americans with a crisper choice than they've seen thus far in the campaign.

Kerry is a good debater and could come off well, provided he doesn't announce himself as "reporting for duty."



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