Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Bad: HR4077 Passed the House. RAGE:
HR 4077 passed in the House this afternoon. This major label dream-law would send people to jail for sharing 1,000 songs, or just one unreleased album. That's right, up to 5 years in jail for sharing one album. It passed on a voice vote, so you can't even go see if your Congressperson supported it-- their votes simply aren't on record. They'll send hundreds kids to jail as a favor to some corrupt industry but they won't put their names on it. Cowards.

The bill also includes charming things like restrictions on devices that let you skip commercials (remember, America: if you don't watch the commercials, you're stealing TV). HR 4077 still has to go through the Senate, but it could easily sail through.
today's thought exercise: how many representatives have college-aged kids? how many representatives would ok with their college-aged kids rotting in jail for five years over some mp3s?


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