Thursday, September 23, 2004

Ashcroft to let enemy combatant go:
(1) If he is such a threat that he was held without charge for 3 years, why is he suddenly being released as soon as the Supreme Court required the DoJ to actually give evidence as to why he was designated as an enemy combatant in the first place?

(2) If he was not a threat, why was he held in a manner which should be truly disgusting to any American citizen (He is one, though he will have to give up his citizenship)?

(3) Let us also revisit Ashcroft and the DoJ's brilliant use of sweeping post-9/11 powers given to it in the form of PATRIOT Act. Total number of successful prosecutions against al-Qaeda, or any group associated attacks against the US in Afghanistan or Iraq: ZERO. If they cannot use virtually unlimited surveillance power to get a guilty verdict, perhaps they don't particularly need to continue rolling back lawyer-client privileges and other assorted rights which all Americans should cherish, and actually concentrate on actually building cases which prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, instead of detaining whomever they please and letting them go as soon as the spotlight focuses on them?

I hate to use such strong language....but this is absolutely ridiculous.


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