Wednesday, August 04, 2004

SUVs illegal on a shitload o' CA residential roads. nothin brings out the HATORADE within like SUVs. the "i'm changing the climate. ask me how!"" bumperstickers are great, but where are the fuckin... "i brake for foreign oil" ones?@

Light notes:Economically speaking, it makes perfect sense, IMHO, that to qualify for a bunch of financial incentives (be it from the manufacturer's or consumer's point of view - both reducing the effective cost of one of these BEASTS), you be straddled with some financial disincentives - like, say, the financial cost of not being able to drive on certain roads, or paying lots of cOOt little fines for it. It may be a loophole which it wasn't originally meant for, but this does not change the fact that the Hummer does as much damage to a road as any other 10,000 pounder. And...HEH to the bumper stickers :>>


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