Tuesday, August 03, 2004

A plethora of BusinessWeek Apple articles, following Steve Jobs's memo to employees saying he just got cancer surgery:

Apple now more lucrative for the (US) government - Considering the government's tech budget this year was $46 billion, it's a DAMNed good market to be considered lucrative in. But observe:

Apple's market share in computers sold to the government rose from 1.6% in the first quarter of 2003 to 2% in the same period of this year, estimates analyst Roger Kay of market researcher IDC. Today, Apple is the government's No. 6 computer supplier -- and climbing.

Optimism a bit early, p'haps?

Apple servers find LUV in supercomputing - Now, this is good. "Big Mac" clusters are getting attention in the supercomputing community, which is apparently pretty tightly-knit. Good potential in this.

Apple clawing back in the K-12 community for Back2School - But, mixed results, Apple's SPIN working for one thing, but evidence is surely not as rosy.
In 2003, Apple's laptop market share in the K-12 segment grew by 3.2% over the previous year, to 26.9% of laptops sold in this category. During that period, the laptop market share of the K-12 sector leader, Dell, fell 1.1%....

...Apple managed to boost its overall market share 1.1% in the K-12 education market, according to IDC. But that came amidst declining unit sales of desktops. Further, sector leader Dell boosted its market share at a far faster rate of 7.7%, mainly by taking desktop customers from Apple and others.

...And not having an iMac to sell this season will surely not help that BONK. Incidentally, the opening paragraph of the article has a sales pitch by a school district's SysAdmin that should warm Macaphilic hearts. It also details how Apple is offering better support via on-the-spot services....Educational Services Network, anyone? 8)

"Halo Effect"? Look again - An author suggesting the much-theorized on halo-effect of Apple's other biznizes helping Mac sales will be coming...eventually. I'll believe it when I see it, which is perhaps why the article is suggesting that I keep looking.

In a recent survey of likely home PC buyers....8% of respondents said they intended to buy an Apple. That's second only to Dell -- and up from 5% in May....

The article runs through why people might be considering Macs again, starting with the antivirus advantage, as well as the retail stores providing an uplifting Kool-Aid drinking experience. May it truly be so.


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