Monday, August 09, 2004

Nokia moves to counter Apple-Moto music alliance. much as i hate to invoke teenage fanclub on such a petty occasion, the reg take on this one is "dumb, dumb, dumb" as usual@#$% they paint apple as the strategic winner here for adopting aac (vs. loudeye and wma), but this one slipped under their radar: Coding Technologies Signs Broad aacPlus License with Nokia. high-efficiency aac is supposed to deliver quality on par with the low-complexity profile apple uses at half the bitrate. ideal for mobiles, eh?@# unless apple hops on the he-aac bandwagon before the mobile itms roll-out, nokia has the technological edge.

they also don't seem to acknowledge this throwaway line from peter gabriel: "Since this sort of merger [of Gabriel's OD2 service] with Loudeye, Apple are now our clients instead of [our] competition." this seems to have gotten zero play in the press--anyone care to speculate about wtf it means?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apple (and OD2, and pretty much all of the other legal music download services) are clients of loudeye who encode and supply all of the digital assets on behalf of the record labels. Conflict of interest anyone?

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