Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Inside Al-Qaeda's Hard Drive. this is fuckin' fascinating. an american journalist manages to buy a laptop and an a desktop system used by upper-level al-qaeda operatives in afghanistan. he spends a year documenting the contents; this is his description of them. it's a must-read, baybee!@# for xxxample, regarding their chemical and biological weapons program:
The enemy started thinking about these weapons before WWI. Despite their extreme danger, we only became aware of them when the enemy drew our attention to them by repeatedly expressing concerns that they can be produced simply with easily available materials…
v-twin sez: sorry, this shit is too g00d not to post!@#$
To: Mullah Omar
From: Osama bin Laden
Folder: Publications
Date: April 11, 2001

… I pray to God—after having granted you success in destroying the dead, deaf, and mute false gods—that He will grant you success in destroying the living false gods, the ones that talk and listen. God knows that those [gods] pose more danger to Islam and monotheism than the dead false gods. Among the most important such false gods in our time is the United Nations, which has become a new religion that is worshipped to the exclusion of God. The prophets of this religion are present in the UN General Assembly … The UN imposes all sorts of penalties on all those who contradict its religion. It issues documents and statements that openly contradict Islamic belief, such as the International Declaration for Human Rights, considering all religions are equal, and considering that the destruction of the statues constitutes a crime …


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