Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Follow-up: Roy Disney may luck out: The Times also reports Disney's hard at work at cutting Harvey Weinstein loose while still making $$$ off him by hanging on to Brother Bob - It's a complicated deal, and it's well worth a read. Of note, though:

An agreement is far from certain: a senior person involved in the negotiations said there was still a 60 percent chance that the Weinsteins would leave Disney altogether.

Eisner better find the MIDAS TOUCH which made him scoff at such odds before if he don't want Rest of the World makin' it game-set-match!@#

Light adds: There's also an explanation of the massive layoffs at Miramax in the article:

This summer, Miramax has been in a state of near-suspended animation, as it has already spent most of the $700 million that Disney gives the subsidiary each year to make and market movies...production on future projects has largely halted, and Miramax is soon expected to lay off at least 100 employees, or as much as 25 percent of its work force, said a person involved in the negotiations.

smOOv, Harv...spend all your money to pressure Disney into giving you more. A few exceptions have already been made, but not enough for the salary of the hundred poor suckahs.


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