Thursday, July 08, 2004

When universes collide: Inviting Republicans to a Fahrenheit 9/11 screening in Texas - And it is indeed like a whole 'nother country out there. One of the guests is Larry Forrester:

White, male, middle-aged professional, solid Republican supporter, regular church-goer, and proud father of three - all being raised with Christian values - his movie tastes run more to The Passion of the Christ, which he pronounces "excellent". Nor is Forrester likely to prove susceptible to Moore's broadside against Bush, or give way to weepy self-criticism of America's invasion of Iraq.

Forrester describes himself as a "patriot's patriot", and the president as the "flower of the country". He says he admires Bush's honesty, his Christian values, the black and white clarity of his views. "He is what he is," Forrester says. He gets his information from a parallel media universe - the conservative Fox television network, rightwing websites and commentators that are unknown outside their partisan audience.

He only gave the film a 4/10 ):


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