Thursday, July 08, 2004

Michigan GOP gathers petitions to get Nader on ballot - How much more obvious can Nader's effect on the future of this country be? (= - But, hey, let us RAGE about voting for what we truly believe in#$

Greg McNeilly of the state Republican Party said the GOP is doing nothing wrong and hopes Nader will draw votes from the Democratic candidate. Republicans will make sure Nader has more than the 30,000 valid signatures he needs by July 15 to qualify for the Michigan ballot, McNeilly said.

"Unlike the Democratic Party, where 'D' stands for disenfranchisement, we want voters to have choices," he said.

The choice to screw themselves over, no doubt. And, undoutably, we'll have a portion of the population more than willing to take up that offer by Mr. McNeilly.


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