Wednesday, July 21, 2004

An inside look at the birth of the iPod - A blow-by-blow account of how the iPod was developed by Apple and PortalPlayer, by a former senior manager....hawt!@

Knauss said Jobs' influence was sometimes idiosyncratic. For example, the iPod is louder than most MP3 players because Jobs is partly deaf, he said. "They drove the sound up so he could hear it," Knauss said.

Of course, this guy quit PP 'cuz he thought the iPod wouldn't be a success. Aw :<

v-twin sez: this part was HAWT:
"There was no discussion of (digital rights management)," Knauss said. "Their belief was DRM would hurt sales when they rolled out the music store. They specifically wanted no DRM in the original iPod."
l00ks like fairplay came into being to appease the riaa during negotiations. imagine how NUTZOID itms sales would be if the original plan had held@#

Light says: Heh...this is a much better way of commenting on the article in a meaningful way as compared to the comments feature....more for people who don't have nifty admin access, I guess :>>


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