Sunday, May 30, 2004

Abu Ghraib: We rape, too - As long as it isn't sexual rape, though, I suspect Sen. Lott will be OK with it.

Bush using Air Force One at record-setting pace - Excellent. Nice to know that every taxpayer's a contributor to the Bush re-election campaign. No, not really.

Dick Cheney "approved" Halliburton deal, says Time - Cha ching!

Friday, May 28, 2004

Apple Xsan == HAWT? - An interesting article....thoughts?

Sony + Audible Magic = LOVERS 4 LIEF! - Sony casts Audible Magic to start digital fingerprinting content to prevent its distribution, and will work closely in an effort to eliminate piracy, with a focus on universities. How the mighty have fallen :vO

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Neo-conservatives call for (more) military applications to solve all problems - Awesome. Oh yeah, we won Vietnam this way...guess it works.

''The immediate task is ... the destruction of the armies and militias of the insurgency -- not taking and holding territory, not winning the hearts and minds of Iraqis, not conciliating opponents and critics, not gaining the approval of other nations'', the two men wrote. ''All of these can follow after victory over the violent insurrection''.

GI posed as mock prisoner at Gitmo - And was then mock beaten to brain injury by his fellow compadres.

Army kept whistle-blower locked in looney-bin

The Wired 40 - Definitely a list I could swing with - Possible PVT MKT opportunities, anyone? Though, really, let's focus on the top 30...British Petroleum doesn't really stir my loins!&%

1. Google
3. Apple Computer
4. Genentech
5. eBay
6. Samsung Electronics
7. Yahoo!
8. Electronic Arts
9. Pixar
10. Cisco Systems
11. Infosys Technologies
12. Dell Computer
13. IBM
14. SAP
15. Nokia
16. Netflix
17. Monsanto
18. Toyota Motor
19. Vodafone Group
20. Flextronics
21. InterActiveCorp
22. Nvidia
23. WPP Group
24. Intel
25. EMC
26. FedEx
27. Microsoft
28. Pfizer
29. Costco Wholesale
30. Comcast
31. Taiwan Semiconductor
32. Ameritrade
33. Gen-Probe
34. Ryanair
35. L-3
36. Citigroup
37. Level 3
38. Inditex
39. JDS Uniphase
40. BP

Thawte offering Apple Developer Certificates for electronic software distribution - this lends credence to the rumor that a future version of OS X (Tiger?) will include a facility to buy, download and update third-party applications.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

glen. glen glen GLEN.

Errol Morris explains the Interrotron, the interviewing device behind The Fog of War and his other documentaries.

Q I don't get it.
A I got tired of sitting so close to the camera. (In my early films, my cameraman would grab the back of my head and pull me back because you could see the side of my head in the lens. When he yanked me back, it often hurt.) And I started to wonder, what if I could become one with the camera. What if the camera and myself could become one and the same?

Q You're losing me.
A Well, not literally. Are you familiar with Teleprompters?

Q Not really.

Trent Lott: Cool with torture, not cool with sexually abusive torture - OK...!@^$

General Anthony Zinni: "They've screwed up" - Damn, I could've told 60 minutes that. But I guess having a 4-star general saying it carries a bit more weight..?

Monday, May 24, 2004

The Distributor vs. the Innovator - A nice article on the clash of titans in the printer market. Time to get out the popcorn.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Sens. Clinton, Graham call for larger U.S. military - Whoa... didn't see that one comin!@#

Monday, May 17, 2004

Head of Iraqi Governing Council killed - Yet another setback. It seems surprising that the US is on course to hand over civilian authority - if they are not ready, how will they wield authority? The likely answer - they won't, and the US will seem even more underhanded in propping up a government that's supposed to be independent. Wouldn't it be better to simply keep the IGC, known to be US appointed and supported, until a democratically elected government can actually take over civilian administration of Iraq?

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Republican opposition to PATRIOT Act bogs down reauthorization - Good: Is this some "spine" I'm seeing in the Republican party? Count me shocked.

Rumsfeld backs Iraq interrogation techniques - Very interesting. This was obviously not the savviest political move. I'd wager Bush has told Rumsfeld he won't be fired anytime soon.

Female GI in Abuse Photos Talks - Yet again...she was ordered to point at prisoners' privates and look at the camera. Somewhat difficult to ignore commands from superiors. There's another gem about supervisors looking at the pictures and saying, "Heeeey, this is a good idea..keep doing it!@#"

Monday, May 10, 2004

The Price of Arrogance - A great article decrying the various missteps the US has made through an idiotic and, yes, arrogant foreign policy over the last few years.

Editor-in-Chief of US Funded Iraqi Newspaper Quits
......citing in infringement upon control over his paper as a journalist. I have no doubt that this "foundation for free media" is a waste of tax money to produce a pro-US rag hated by those who (actually) want (real) news.