Saturday, December 10, 2005

Psychiatry ponders whether extreme bias is an illness - Compleat with stories of bigotry that begin to affect the bigot in all sorts of psychosomatic ways.

Heidi Klum picks the draw for World Cup 2006 - US is in a tough spot, and some other matchups of interest.

Turkish author on trial for discussing Armenian Massacre in 1910s - Kiss that EU membership g'bye, baybee!@#

Friday, December 09, 2005

Republicans feel The Joementum - Sen. Joe Lieberman(D-CT)'s lonely march to neoconservatism leaves Democrats disappointed.

Variety does not find "Munich" earth-shattering - There go Spielberg's hopes of being the pushing force for world peace. What did he think he was, the government?

Paramount buys DreamWorks for $1.5b - Does not include animation studio (probably for the better..)

Thursday, December 08, 2005

London phases out Routemaster double-deckers buses - NoOooOooOOoOOO )))))))))))))):

US Doctor: Widespread abuse in Iraqi prisons by Iraqis. US troops try to keep order, but, after all, more and more Iraqis are taking over their jobs!

Sen. Minority Leader Harry Reid to pro, anti-pullout Democrats: Shut the hell up - Cute. Awesome.

Warner has SC primary almost under belt with two years to go? - Most impressive.
"You are going to be one heck of a president," said former Gov. Jim Hodges, who lost his re-election bid to Republican Mark Sanford in 2002.
I hope he does a heckuva job, too :<


Interview with leading proponent of ID - Incompetent Design.

Israel says, "Please don't change Syrian regime."
Neocons say, "Good day, Sirs!"

Iranian prez on roll - Denies Holocaust, calls for Israel to be moved to Europe, and froths at mouth...all in a day's work?

v-twin sez: move israel. huh, why didn't i think of that? my recommended destination would be a massive off-shore drilling platform, though. everyone gets oil, everyone's happy... right?


James Cameron seeks nubile actresses - for Titanic followup.

House votes for another $56b in cuts - in addition to the $100b I just posted about.

House passes additional $100B in tax cuts - To offset the $50B in savings from making medicaid, student loans, and food stamps "BEND...OVAH'."

Light adds: House votes for another $56b in cuts in addition to the $100b.

The Democrat saving Rove's behind - A very interesting article about Robert Luskin, Rove's counsel in Fitzgerald's special investigation, and a man widely credited with keeping Rove from indictment so far.

Iraq talking poitns being hit regularly everywhere except Baghdad - An amusing snippet on what's being talked about with regards to Iraqi preparedness to take responsibility and STAY THE COURSE.

80% of military voted or attempted to vote - If only we could get such turnout among other demographics.

v-twin sez: coughorreinstitutethedraftcough

The netroots' man, running in conservative CA district, crushed - Also, Spokane's mayor (finally) got recalled!

As Dean/Pelosi RAGEs out, Democrats fear for '06 prospects - Good thing the optimism lasted for all of 40 days.

v-twin sez: yeah, 40 days too long.

Light says: Indeed, my fair-feathered friend...Indeed.

For blOOmberg, it's good to be a billionaire - I'd imagine that's the case with most billionaires, though. Contains some interesting details of his mayoral campaign, like how he spent $75m to win it.

Bush renews push for more tax cuts - Spiralling deficits and spending in Iraq, New Orleans, etc., and growing debt for the future middle class. Yeaaaah!#@

Those crazy Brits! Pt. 2: Highest Court rules out evidence obtained by foreign torture - The Law Lords: 1 Extraordinary Rendition: ???

US blocks access to prisoners by the Red Cross, after initial denials of doing this..

Iraqi economy improving, says Bush - Add it to long list of suddenly visible progress ever since Bush's "victory speech." Again, complete lack of benchmarks, leaving us to trust the word of the man who also thought Iraq had WMDs.

"Red Crystal" society halted by a dispute between Israel and Syria. This would've made a third symbol and family to the Red Cross and Red Crescent, allowed in Israel due to its non-partisan nature.

Light adds: The Red Crystal becomes the third symbol adopted by the Red Cross and Red Crescent societies. This will allow an equivalent movement to be started in Israel.

Senators push Bush on global warming - around a quarter of the Senate, including Hil-Hil and John F'in McCain.

Genetically-modified "super-broccoli" new anti-cancer weapon on horizon - No hippy RAGE quite yet, but soon? We hope?

David Cameron new Tory leader - Those crazy Brits!

For the first time, Chine's car exports > imports

v-twin sez: i anxiously await wal-mart car lots for chinese shitboxes. always low prices!

MPAA gives documentary on MPAA's secret censorship a "NC-17" rating - AICN has the theatrics.

An interview with Freescale CEO - Steve Jobs bought into his RDF, and stuck with IBM which turned around and screwed him..hard. unF!

v-twin sez: cute, but ultimately bogus--a combined os x+intel migration would've done in the mac platform. try again, freescale ceo michel mayer!

9/11 Commission: Required changes still not implemented - 4 years on, despite the number of times our Commander-in-Chief invokes 9/11, the government controlled by his party still doles out Homeland Security money based on pork, and has failed to secure our ports, and domestic security. Perhaps Ben Franklin was right; we have given up our civil liberties for security, and we now have neither.

Secret Sites - Not for torture, but to host bloggers' alter-egos. Kottke asks his readers if they have alter-egos, and why they do. Cute.

v-twin asks: who tf would need one of those?

"I get the worst, worst software almost always from Apple": an interview with the woz.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

President Bush wages War on Christmas - Or so his supporters think from the cards he's sending them wishing them holiday greetinks. It has been a source of much RAGE.

Announcing...Congress Votes database from washingtonpost. Has records of every vote in the US Congress since 1991, filterable by party, or individual. Check it out!

What the netrOOts of the left are smokin':

Monday, December 05, 2005

The BBC on cheesy "Canadians need global warming" jokes - An amusing anecdote from Marginal Revolution.

a WEAK defense - Fairly good Washington Post editorial on the current round of diplomatic woes of the USA with "torture flights" going through traditional allies without permission.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

BellSouth withdraws donation to New Orleans after plans for free Wi-Fi are unveiled - Actions that confirm the heart of gold anti-technologists posses.


Losing the war on Afghan drugs - A great article on Afghanistan, and the results of the US's attention being diverted towards Iraq.

First King Kong review - 5 stars.

Judith Miller to Readers: "Sorry" - BBC Newsnight has the exclusive interview putting her on the spot. I approve!

Bush's "victory speech" reflects the touch of a new advisor - A professor at Duke who was drafted to help sell staying the course. Always nice to see who the latest spinmeister is.

Rain on Republican Governors' parade - Republicans look set to lose the coveted majority of seats they hold of state governorships. Top on the endangered list is NY, OH.

Ohio Republicans face 2006 test - A good article about the trials of the OH Republicans, and the opportunities by Democrats (which have yet to be addressed properly).

Mile by mile, India paves a smoother road to its future - A great article by The Times on India's modernization of its highways - the first step to better infrasturcture.

RAGE: DNC Chair Howard Dean speaks sensibly about 2006?! - Some good stuff here, though one thing caught by eye in particular:
Dean has faced criticism within some parts of the party for his stewardship at the DNC, particularly the pace at which the national party has been spending money -- something that has alarmed many Democratic strategists who fear Republicans will have a huge financial advantage next year.

Light adds: Well, two things, actually:
...Democrats held two organizing sessions for new bodies within the DNC, one called the "people of faith" group and the other open to veterans and military families.

Christopher Hitchens RAGEs out on Scarborough Country vs. religion - Amusing..very amusing. Video included.

Don't just blame the victim, prosecute her - A screwy tale of an alleged rape victim being convicted of making false statements after dropping rape charges against alleged perpetrators.

Seymour Hersh on post-victory Iraqi air war - Suggests US air power guided by Iraqi troops could cause some problems, to say the least.

Wyoming sitting on a $1.8bn projected surplus - Gov. Freudenthal (D) feels the heat. The revenue came less from stellar management and more from the spike in oil and gas revenues, but I think folks will take what they can get.

The Republican base shaky on staying on the course - Cowards, all!

The Marketing of "Narnia" - A fairly detailed article about the marketing strategy catering to the Christian base. They did the same for "The Passion of The Christ," so this time it's on the radar of the reporters, and they're reporting on it.

Hillary's hawk gambit - An interesting article about Sen. Clinton (D-NY) cozying up to the military that once detested her. Short, sweet, to the point.

PS. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) approves!

Why Wal-Mart's government subsidies shouldn't be considered subsidies - When the author presumes that the people working at Wal-Mart had a worse job or didn't have a job at all before they became a helpful associate, is he taking into account that on net, there has been a movement away from high paying jobs to Wally's World job in the last several years?

The Spiegel has a nice infobar-thang containing a nation-by-nation breakdown of EU countries looking into the secretive CIA flights that flew prisoners out of US jurisdiction to question them better.

From Japan: Self-healing paint - In the near future, keying cars will not longer give satisfaction of inflicting long-term damage? :<

"I will let history judge me" - Historians are polled. Hilarity ensues. These folks must all be crazed liberals or short-term historians!

Intelligent Design losing traction? - A hopeful article examining growing disillusionment from both pseudo-science and religion over the theory.

Introducing TelaDoc - Call a doctor who's never seen you, discuss your symptoms, and get a prescription -- all on the phone.

PS. It's cheap, too!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Texas gerrymandering approved by Republican political appointees...who overruled the DoJ's civil rights division's unanimous objections to it for violating the Voting Rights Act.

Hillary tells Kentucky Dems Bush mismanaged the war in Iraq - Now there's a non-controversial statement we can all get behind!
From a distance, Republicans seemed as gleeful about Clinton's visit, and were eager to lump Kentucky Democrats in with the New York senator.

As first lady, Clinton sometimes evoked strong emotions in the Bluegrass State. In 1994, a gathering of tobacco supporters in western Kentucky burned an effigy of Clinton to protest what they saw as anti-tobacco policies during her husband's administration. Her husband still carried the state in both his presidential victories.

"Our Kentucky voters simply can't identify with a liberal New York senator," said state Republican Chairman Darrell Brock. "She's for bigger government, higher taxes, more regulation _ just the things that we just don't stand for."

Sen. Allen (R-VA) rallies the troops - With a "back to basics" message: Low taxes, energy indepdence (?!), and opposing judicial activism.

Onassis heir worth $3bn marries Brazilian horseman - Now THIS dude did a heckuva job.

The GOP's Vision of America: "Off-Center" - Terry Gross interviews the authors of a new book on the tactics and ideology of the GOP that is increasingly driven by not its moderate majority, but its far right (minority). Site contains an excellent excerpt from the forward of the book, which has put it squarely on my reading list. The interview itself is also interesting.

In a shout-out to iTunes, the TSA announces its security searches at airports will be "more random."